e30 - we'll all be there

This is the list of the most important person beside my family. As you can see, it is really hard to limited it for only 30, it doesn't mean that you aren't important if you're not on the list, but for the names on, what I'm trying to say is, "Thanks a lot for everything of the year. We are the best, and maybe we aren't so sure where it is, but we just know, we'll all be there." The list today might be forget by someone who's on it (maybe someone never knows), but I'm sure it will be helpful and have an great influence to keep us going on working harder, may we all have a great new year,

See you, all
Shi J. jellyvanessa


01. Adara Y. Chao *
02. Amy F. Tsai *
03. Bernice P. Lee *
04. Celeste C. Su *
05. Chao p. Huang

06. Cynthia S. He *
07. DC Y. Chang
08. Devil C. Yang
09. Gobru I. Chen
10. Ian W. Chang

11. Jason L. Yang
12. Jessy M. Gong *
13. Julia C. Yeh *
14. Mui L. Guo *
15. Like M. Lai

16. Lonn L. Wang
17. Maggie P. Luo *
18. Move Chen
19. Nana L. Chen *
20. Pinno P. Jian

21. Point C. Chen *
22. Sako Z. Chou *
23. Sapphire P. He *
24. Shen Z. Mei
25. Tom D. Wu

26. Uno S. Wu
27. Waiy Zeng
28. Wisher Y. Liang
29. Yifan Chou
30. Yu T. Hsiao


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  1. 那不算是英文名,而是中文名
    Y.F.C才是正式名稱 好啦 不重要