another day of February

I didn't wake up in time today, it means I slept over the noon. It doesn't matter, especially it's winter vacation. Do I really think so? Nope. It's just like everything don't look well enough to have a rest, what I have seen in the mirrow is myself, who aren't tired yet. I'm not sure how far can I reach for, as the age of me, still too early to ask for this. Hey, I'm not yet old enough to ask for a social destination, right? Although I still sometime feel confused, but that won't bother me too much.

Things just always happened as another piece, so when we get used to it, usually will easily fall into the trap that make us feel like running a routine, a wheel. Round and round, life does spin like a wheel, maybe we take somethings as a kind of routine, but never forget, as the time passed away and comes the new, they are just different.

They look so alike are because of our experince is always to poor to seperate, at least the feelings of familiar keep our emotions steady. Doesn't sound bad, but we do have to remember, they are never the same.

Another days keep coming, hope we'll all enjoy it.