Any English users here?

Ok, everyone there, this is the greeting from me unusually written in English.

Be able to talk in English is not a surprising skill in Taiwan, but I believe that most of us who live in this country, are never proud of these. Why? The answer may include many issues from different topics, I’m not really interested in discussing all these, but I have some experiences to share with.

Last December, we had held our Graduation Project Exhibition both at school and outside of school. I never expected that there might be foreigners showing up, until I met the first. Actually, I have a German uncle, husband of my father’s younger sister, though I never thought it was a practice when I was talking to him, but it’s really a good practice. Unlike that you are talking to strangers, there are always even more you want to talk about to your family, especially with a German uncle.

Why do we learn English? Why do we need to learn second language, even third, fourth? Nothing more, it’s all about just introducing yourself. Or in other words, also think about not only second language, if we might want to make it simple, ask yourself: Why do you TALK? Even in your native language, the only purpose is to introduce yourself, isn’t it?

During our Graduation Project Exhibition, I had not only introduced the exhibition for once, in fact, I talk to the most foreigners who had come to visit (except the Japanese, and Koreans). Among this, there was a couple make me impressive, the man is a German, and the woman oh I’m sorry I’m not sure did she say Canada or it wasn’t. After telling them shortly what’s all about they are visiting, I make a simple self intro to them, within some simple questions to them either. It’s really feeling quite good to share the experience of visiting Germany with a German in Taipei, he told me that he live near to my uncle and aunt’s home which is located in Bruchsal.

So here is what make me impressed, also a little sad. When the conversation are about to finish, I pass over my name card, with my e-mail address also blog url on it. It’s quite weird to say “hey~ let’s stay in touch with e-mail” or “write to me” to the person you first met, so I tell them maybe they can read my blog, though I know I wrote it 99.9% in Chinese.

Yes, the woman said that, “What are we going to read? You don't write blogs in English, right?”. “No.”, I said. I forget that did she said so, but this question really upset me, “Is there anything you can do to make your blog be able to read for the English users?”

I stood there, keep smiling to them, but got nothing to say. Months had passed, still nothing I can say for this. Damn.