September 20, 2008

iBand - iPhone becoming an instrument!

iBand - Vitality (live version)

iBand - Vitality (music video)

星期五的半夜,也就像平常一樣在 YouTube 上面亂晃,看到一個很酷的東西。iBand,是他們的團名,共有三個人,演奏樂器是兩隻 iPhone 和 iPod touch,真是太誇張了!他們如此的呈現方式當然不在話下,重點是他們的歌真的好聽,介紹給大家!

It's an usual Friday midnight, I'm browsing on YouTube, and I found this very cool stuff! iBand, which is formed by three people, performing music with two iPhone and an iPod touch, very impressive! How creative they are is more than I can say, and further more is their songs really sounds great. So, check them out!


iBand: official site


  1. 蛮有噱头的,我去看了他们其他youtube的东西,他们居然上过德国电视还说了一口流利的德语,听口音像是奥地利人.

  2. 所以你是小姑姑嗎?為什麼要匿名留言呢= =?


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