Koji's Little Story of Love

I'm going to tell a little story of love, which just came into my mind.

Long, long time ago, about twenty years before, I guess? Whatever! There's a high school boy, his name is Koji. He had a girlfriend named Riko, their relationship began three years earlier since then. During this three years, Koji realized that Riko really love him a lot, but he also found out that he doesn't love her as much as Riko does, so one day, Koji broke up with Riko.

Twenty years after, Koji has came to the TODAY which I'm right now telling the story of him. He's about 32 years old, but I'm not quite sure, honestly, I don't even know him (otherwise, is any one of you ever heard me mentioned about that I do have a friend named Koji?). Koji now had another girlfriend in relation for three years, he took another three years again to realize how much his girlfriend does love him, although he still found himself doesn't love her as much as she love him, but Koji propose to her.

During the proposing, something huge in the corner of his heart grew even bigger suddenly. Almost the same moment while his girlfriend accept his propose with the tears of surprise, Koji realized right here right now, he is falling in love with Riko, in this very second. Tears turn up in Koji's eyes, too, he start to presume such kind of lines, who he blew away once, was someone who waited so hardly, but never be hurried, or willful, that Riko.

Koji from now until maybe months or years, will make his life regret and remorse, fortunately, at least he had his marriage ceremony held, consummately. He regrets for pushing away the woman loves him the most probably, according to his own defines, and his remorse for he would never be brave enough to find, also according to his own defines, the woman he loves the most in earth.

Koji and his wife live in perfect marriage happily ever after, until their old, until they die.