Save Your Soul

Keane, 'Crystal Ball' (2006)


Most of you probably will say I'm out of my mind, for that I'm writing post in English toady. For why? Just a thought, then I just to do it. If you need every question an answer, then you'll turn your life into only questions, of course, like I always say, if doing something makes you feel better, why not?


A sentence just came into my mind when I'm walking on the street at Neihu. Before talking about the sentence, I would like to talk about, yesterday is my first time taking MRT on Wenhu line, finally I don't have to explain to one of my family's stupid question, "You live in Taipei, why don't you go trying the new line of MRT?". New? New your head! I did a lot of try when it was free trial of the brand new Muzha line, honestly, taking a mass transportation as an entertainment still make me feel silly when I look back. Ok, let's go back to the point, this is what happened to me, I went to Neihu yesterday and today, and I still HAVE TO go tomorrow, damn.

iPod played randomly as it always does, and a favorite lyric line I would like to share, though the song was never such a favorite enough that I would like to say it's my favorite, I still love the line. "Oh, crystal ball, crystal ball, save the soul, tell me life is beautiful." (Keane, 2006)


Chien asked something according to what I wrote in another post, really appreciate for the question, "I hope so very much", at least, "soon or later, I'll try harder".


Another line of lyric, from my favorite of favorites, "Is that people always finding for the liberation of the soul?" (Echo, 2002) Making things so hopeful is never a habit of me, so don't try to talk about what you think of the soul. There's another sentence I would say, it is much closer to the situation that whole human being shared, which I retrieved from my friend, "When I was a child, I want to save the world. Lately after I grew up, I realized that even the whole world can't save me." (Ba, 2010)

So, this silly article which is written by a poor English author, is going to end up here: "Don't even think about to save neither your soul or even someone's else, it will only failed when you started to imagine such questions about soul. Save the ass first." You save yours, I save mine, when the entire world are busy saving their own ass, then finally, peace.


Nothing more, I just don't want to make the word "peace" the last.